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Football Players enjoy MW3 Content Collection 1

Beachhead Studios recently released Content Collection 1 on Xbox Live. Shortly thereafter, Activision, and Sledgehammer Games held an event to promote Call of Duty: MW3’s Content Collection 1. The event featured NFL football players and ahem, Major Nelson was on […]


Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 1 arrives to Xbox Live

Activision & Beachhead Studios kicked off the Content Season in January. The first Content Drops were “Liberation” and “Piazza.” In February, the second Content Drop called “Overwatch” was released. A week ago, a trio of maps were released. They are […]


The first week of MW3 sales and earnings are here

As reported before, Activision had broken day-one records with Modern Warfare 3. How about what did the first week sales look like for Modern Warfare 3? Activision posted a press release today talking about the sales metrics for Modern Warfare […]


All you need to know about Call of Duty Elite

We have come a long way since Call of Duty Elite was revealed to the public. The Call of Duty community has been confused by Call of Duty Elite until the reveal, to ease this confusion, Beachhead Studio talked about […]


MW3 Launch Trailer

Modern Warfare 3 is just mere weeks away from release! Since Battlefield 3 releases October 25th, Activision has been preparing for war. Activision used this weekend to start advertising MW3 across the nation and even the world. The new video […]


MW3 Single Player Trailer released!

Last night, Activision teased that a Modern Warfare 3 Single Player trailer is going to be released. Well, today, they did, in fact release it; The trailer is called “Redemption.” The trailer shows a lot of action-packed madness and gives […]


Rezurrection of Zombies Lab Phase 2

As reported before, an Evaluation Orientation is on-going. Well, today, Activision revealed what that orientation is about. The lab was testing the zombies’ ability to take whatever humans throws at them – testing their orientation of mental stability… But then, […]


Limited Edition MW3 Xbox 360 Console revealed

Microsoft has been a supporter of Activision’s Call of Duty series. Forging contracts, exclusive map packs, exclusive consoles such as MW2 Xbox 360 console, and this new one: Call of Duty XP 2011 is ongoing right now and a lot […]


Testing Orientation Evaluation

This mysterious trailer just popped up on the Call of Duty youtube channel… nobody really knows what it is. Maybe a new Downloadable Content incoming? They just released 4 different Map Packs! If Activision takes that video down, use this […]


Call of Duty Elite Walkthrough

As I posted before, Activision is giving walkthrough of CODElite. Not only that, One of Swords gave a complete walkthrough of the beta: The service is in beta phase with Black Ops, but it will be fully launch with MW3 […]