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Black Ops 3 Confirmed

We’ve been wondering: What is the final name of 2015’s Call of Duty title? Is it World at War 2 or Black Ops 3? Since then, there has been a lot of rumors, and speculation that The next title is […]


Is the next Call of Duty title Black Ops 3 or World at War 2?

With Advanced Warfare out to retailers worldwide, some people might be wondering “What’s next for Call of Duty?” Those questions were answered with a bunch of leaks that purport that the next Call of Duty title is “World of War […]


Black Ops 3 is the next Call of Duty?

The voice actor behind the Black Ops 1 & 2 character, Sergeant Frank Woods had been teasing Call of Duty Fans for months about the next Call of Duty title. The most recent example is below: #blackops3 #nextcod Oh what […]