Robert Bowling talks Call of Duty XP


Robert Bowling talks Call of Duty XP

Call of Duty XP will have a lot of events going on. You can go into life-size Scrapyard, Training Pit, and Zipline. You can also tour the armory, and life-size Burger Town. You’ll be able to meet Robert Bowling, Major Nelson, Dropkick Murphys, and Kanye West! You’ll be able to buy beverages, and food. You have a chance to win some amazing prizes in Black Ops competitions, and there’s also a $1 million Call oF Duty tournament taking place at CODXP. Most of all, you have a chance to receive a free copy of MW3 Hardened Edition, and be the first to play Modern Warfare 3!

Robert Bowling gave the world the walkthrough of Call of Duty XP, see for yourself:

It’s lookin’ good. And one of the footage shows off MW3’s menus. I knew the leak wasn’t fake.

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