MW3 Tango Down trailer released


MW3 Tango Down trailer released

At Call of Duty XP last week, Modern Warfare 3’s anticipated multiplayer reveal was met with a lot of fans trying to get information, leaks, and trailers out. It was hard to keep up and keep track of the news. It was crazy.

Basically, it was information overload. Instead of joining the crazyness, I decided to wait a little longer. For the sake of bringing you quality articles, and detailed look at each trailer released.

This is what we know from the trailer:

Dual Wielding returns; FNG9 is an automatic weapon
Kill Confirmed is a multiplayer matchtype; I’ll get to that later
M1BA4 is in
Your Callsigns are smaller, but is more useful this time around
Blind Eye Pro is in
Quickdraw Pro is in
Steady Aim Pro is in
There’s this “kick” symbol? Is this a new killcam feature?
Not sure what it does, but there’s an Escort Airdrop killstreak (18 points)
You gain points for “bullseye” kills; 500 points a pop
If someone plants a bomb, the HUD tells you so, it’s not limited to just bombsite indicator
First Blood returns
Headshots are 500 points, also
Payback also nets you points; 250 a pop
CM901 is in
Buzzkill returns; they’re 200 points each
There’s a 2 point streak class; Stalker killstreak is unlocked at 2 points, in the video they’re using the pro streak
Remote Turret is in
M16A4 returns
Remote Missile Launcher is in, and you have a choice between a machine gun or a missile
SCAR-L is in; in MW2 the model of the SCAR was SCAR-H
UAV is upgraded with “Advanced UAV” KillStreak (11 points)
Remote Helicopter is in
I stress that Juggernaut is a killstreak, there are two levels of Juggernaut:
1. Equipped with M60E4 LMG and MP412 handgun, you are now in a juggernaut suit, and you have a riot shield too. Your vision is now limited. Very limited (15 kills)
2. Equipped with a USP .45, you [once again] are in a juggernaut suit, and you also have a riot shield (18 Kills)
They are both in two different Strike Packages; Assault Strike and Support Strike Packages.

Stay tuned for more about Modern Warfare 3 as we get closer, and closer to the release of MW3.

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3 responses to “MW3 Tango Down trailer released”

  1. Dylan says:

    I think the Escort Airdrop killstreak (18 points)

    is what you see at 0:25 – 0:27 because the airdrop is escorted by the helicopter.

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  3. kack2theslack says:

    once of the best trailers for the game.. just love the game so much right now. i am not that great at MP mode but i do enjoy it a lot
    spec ops is where i spend most of my time.

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