Football Players enjoy MW3 Content Collection 1


Football Players enjoy MW3 Content Collection 1

Beachhead Studios recently released Content Collection 1 on Xbox Live. Shortly thereafter, Activision, and Sledgehammer Games held an event to promote Call of Duty: MW3’s Content Collection 1. The event featured NFL football players and ahem, Major Nelson was on hand to help ask NFL players questions about what they thought about MW3 and Content Collection in general. The video was published on Inside Xbox.

At Activision’s event in Los Angeles, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson interviewed Ahmad Bradshaw, a New York Giants player. NY Giants won the Super Bowl this year, so it’s a pretty big deal what he says. Anyway, let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

You can get the 6 maps from Xbox Live now. PS3 and PC gamers are going to have to wait for this collection to really enjoy it.

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2 responses to “Football Players enjoy MW3 Content Collection 1”

  1. ben says:

    i havnt played those maps yet but they look good…good video

  2. UNKNOWN ONE says:

    i will no longer play this stupid FUCKIN GAME because i pay 50 doller for mw3 membership and the cheap assholes cant even give us a dedacated server this problem needs to stop but untill then all make sure i never play this game again i would rather play little big planet pretty sad dont ya think

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