Behind the Scenes with MW3 Game Modes


Behind the Scenes with MW3 Game Modes

A lot of First Person Shooters have had many game modes to choose from, and most of them sacrifice a lot of the modes for space limitations in discs. Some companies even sacrifice variety in game modes for innovative game modes. Modern Warfare 3 seems to take the best of two worlds and created a game that benefits everyone.

Kill Confirmed was a mode revealed and highlighted at CODXP 2011. With the Kill Confirmed mode, your objective is to collect the dog tag from enemies you kill, or your allies’ dog tag. The game ends when the maximum number of dogtags have been collected – either collectively as a team, or via a single player.

Team Defender is a brand-new take on Capture the Flag mode. In Team Defender, the objective is to “dominate” that flag for as long as you can for the duration of the game. The longer that you hold the flag, the more points you and your team earn. But if you or that person dies, the flag is dropped. The team that reaches the set amount of points wins.

The Vault is a feature in Call of Duty Elite, not a mode in MW3. It is a place where you can upload your content for others to download. In the vault, you can upload your custom game modes. Yup, you can upload and download game modes now!

Other game modes include Black Ops’ Gun Game, and One in the Chamber have been added to Modern Warfare 3.

And as you can see in the video, there are some new camouflages for you to unlock in the game. So far, these are the confirmed camos that you can unlock in MW3:

Digital Urban
And of course: Gold

They can be unlocked via either weapons leveling, or via weapon proficiencies.

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2 responses to “Behind the Scenes with MW3 Game Modes”

  1. MW3 says:

    Seems like they are really trying to make this the best COD yet. Not sure if it will be, but it will most likely be the best MW to date. And that;s quite the list of camos. I know I can't wait for it!!

  2. TroyKK says:

    There is a website with all of the game modes explained in detail:

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