4th MW3 DLC rushes to Xbox Live


4th MW3 DLC rushes to Xbox Live

Beachhead Studios released the third month’s worth of Call of Duty Elite drops. Shortly thereafter, Modern Warfare 3’s biggest map pack was released to Xbox Live, and pretty soon to PS3. The map pack was designed to accommodate the larger scale Call of Duty community that didn’t buy or aren’t buying into the Call of Duty Elite program. The MW3 Content Collection or MW3 Map Pack includes 6 maps in all; 4 multiplayer maps, and 2 Spec Ops maps. They are: Liberation, Piazza, Overwatch, Black Box, Black Ice, and Negotiator. Few days ago, without warning, someone at Activision or Beachhead Studios released two trailers for two maps that has recently been released to Xbox Live members with a Call of Duty Elite subscription. I was watching the Call of Duty Facebook page for the trailers, but I found out the hard way this afternoon that the trailers did in fact release to Youtube. I think this has more to do with Robert Bowling leaving Infinity Ward, because the trailers below are from a different channel.

The first map is Foundation. It takes place on an abandoned concrete factory stationed in South Korea. It has almost everything; sniping spots, run n’ gun, long distance shots, steep downhill and uphill battles.

The second map is Sanctuary. It takes place in a religious greek monastery up hi-rise in central Greece. You will battle in cliffs, bridges, religious rooms that are either churches, eating rooms, and Sanctuaries. Monks of Greece have come across this sanctuary, and some have lived here!

As always, PS3 and PC gamers are going to have to wait for these maps to be released. ‘Till next time!

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