CODGhosts’ Global Multiplayer Reveal is August 14th


CODGhosts’ Global Multiplayer Reveal is August 14th

Ever since Call of Duty Ghosts was revealed, Call of Duty fans have been awaiting the multiplayer reveal. That time has come. Some members of the gaming press have been invited to witness the multiplayer reveal of Call of Duty Ghosts. [source] These lucky, hard working folks have front-row seats to see Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer in action.

See for yourself:

The CODGhosts Multiplayer Reveal Invitation by Activision to members of the gaming media

The CODGhosts Multiplayer Reveal Invitation by Activision to members of the gaming media

As you can see: Mark your calendars for August 14th! Set your alarm clocks for 10:30am PDT/1:30pm ET. Get up, turn on your Xbox 360, and watch it from the Xbox Live Dashboard. You can also watch it live on the official Call of Duty website, and other gaming media outlets as the case it were for the pre-E32013 Call of Duty Ghosts All Access event. And, much like the All Access event, it will be an one hour broadcast.

Activision mentioned a few details about the event. They said there will be a full blowout about Call of Duty Ghosts’ multiplayer mode, and there will be some world-premiere announcements in store for Call of Duty fans…

The team at Infinity Ward will be giving the Call of Duty community the first details on what everyone can expect this fall when Call of Duty: Ghosts launches worldwide. The global reveal will go in-depth on all things multiplayer, and will include several world premiere announcements for the millions of fans that play Call of Duty every year.

Call of Duty fans can expect first details about a Collector’s Edition of the game, a Special Edition console, or first details about Call of Duty Elite 2.0, or a new Call of Duty Championship.

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