CODGhosts Devastation gameplay revealed


CODGhosts Devastation gameplay revealed

Activision & Co. unveiled the second map pack, called “Devastation.” The trailer was only a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Call of Duty: Ghosts’ new Downloadable Content. Over the weekend, Activision did it again; in preparation of the April 3rd launch of Devastation on Xbox Live, Activision released a series of videos one after the other.

Activision & Co. released a short trailer with a cryptic message: “If it bleeds…”

Shortly thereafter, Activision & Co. released the gameplay trailer of the second DLC, Devastation. This time, the trailer confirms “Predator” (an iconic 1987 film) to be part of the DLC.

Don’t forget, the DLC features are…

The new Multiplayer maps are:

The new Extinction episode is:
May Day [Episode 2: Mayday]

The new CODGhosts weapon is:

Just a quick note: That Ripper gun is actually a hybrid – you can use it as an assault rifle, or an SMG.

Devastation arrives to Xbox 360 and Xbox One Season Pass holders first, with other Season Pass holders to follow.

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