MW4 rumored to be named Call of Duty: Patriots

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MW4 rumored to be named Call of Duty: Patriots

The world is awaiting the reveal of this year’s Call of Duty. Activision has been preparing Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty reveal for E32014. Activision wants to put Sledgehammer Games’ title in the middle of a hot period: The weeks before E32014 even starts. Activision will reveal Call of Duty 2014 (codenamed “Black Smith”) in May or the weeks before E32014.

Codenamed internally as BlackSmith, Activision has apparently made the decision to announce its inaugural shooter before E3 though will use the platform of the popular expo to reveal more details.

Source: PSU [PlayStation Universe]

However, several publications are talking Call of Duty 2014 (“Black Smith” or MW4), and one of them has a new theory; The next Call of Duty title is neither, and is a new name… “Patriots.” Along with this information is more concrete details about the game….

Another publication, Bubble News, claims to have lots more details about this year’s Call of Duty game. A source has told the site that the game is called Call of Duty: Patriots and Smith Black is actually the name of one of its main characters. It is reportedly in development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC only, not Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Wii U.

Source: GameSpot

None of this is confirmed, if anything, it’s filed under rumors. Nothing is official unless confirmed by Sledgehammer Games or Activision themselves.

What we know so far about COD: Patriots:

– Call of Duty: Patriots is being developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
– Smith Black is actually a character from the game. So, the codename “Black Smith” refers to that person.
– Will take place in a fictional version of World War 1 with fantasy elements.
– Will feature a character from a past Call of Duty title in an alternate reality.
– COD: Patriots, as usual, will have Single Player, and Multiplayer components.
– The game’s Single Player mode will also be playable via co-op.
– No Split-Screen in Patriots.
– Will have sub-campaigns.
– Patriots rumored to last 6 hours.
– Sledgehammer Games is planning to have Patriots be a trilogy (three part series)
– COD 2014 is rumored to be released on November 14th.

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