Massive leak leads to Modern Warfare 4

COD 2014 Teaser

Massive leak leads to Modern Warfare 4

Recently, there has been a massive leak. This morning, Activision snuck some updates to their Call of Duty website, ahead of Game Informer teasing that they’d publish their “World Premiere” of this year’s Call of Duty. It was accompanied by the world’s first look at COD 2014…

COD 2014 on Game Informer

Image Credit: Game Informer – They have a huge article about COD 2014

Shortly thereafter, the Call of Duty site updated and it was unearthed by sharp eyed folks at DualShockers. Their investigation revealed some clues to this year’s Call of Duty, code-named “Black Smith.” There’s a major emphasis on Private Military Companies (PMC’s), much like in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Call of Duty teaser

Activision teases Call of Duty reveal

The updated Call of Duty site points to cleverly-placed dots, hidden amongst the mysterious image…

Wikipedia: Private Military Company
Business Insider: The Private Military Contractor Industry Is Reinventing Itself After The Demise Of Blackwater
New York Times: Mercenaries and Private Military Companies

Think that’s all? Nope. Activision placed another teaser on the site, and it points to a video about Private Military Companies. Explaining that it’s actually a corporation rather than anything else…

Call of Duty is set for a major reveal on May 4th, 2014 – a Sunday. See you then!

World Reveal of COD 2014

Activision teases Call of Duty Reveal for May 5th, 2014!

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