New Black Ops 2 DLC “Vengeance” revealed


New Black Ops 2 DLC “Vengeance” revealed

While Activision has been busy preparing for the launch of Call of Duty Ghosts, Treyarch has kept themselves busy keeping Black Ops 2 players engaged to it’s game via downloadable content. So far, there has been two Map Packs released thus far. The newest Map Pack is called Vengeance, and like the previous Map Packs – it will feature 4 multiplayer maps, and one content.

Ladies and gentlemen, Black Ops 2’s Vengeance…

The downloadable content are..

Cove: Surrounded by water on all sides, Cove takes place on a rocky island on the Indian ocean. There are a lot of flanking opportunities here.

Detour: Catering to all ranges of play styles, it takes place on a large bridge with multiple levels. There are a lot of head-to-head gameplay on the map.

Rush: As the name suggests, the map is all about fast-paced multiplayer action. It will take place on a paintball course with a multiple environments that has different shapes of cover.

Uplink: An old Black Ops map that is being re-imagined for Black Ops 2. Uplink is based on BO’s Summit, and it takes you into a satellite control facility where there’ll be many different ways to play the map.

The special content is for zombies…

Buried: It’s a breand new adventure for BO2 Zombie fans. You’ll trek into old western style in a underground cave. The AI seems to be improved for Zombies – characters will share information as you progress the map or story. The mode will also feature an upgrade to the Ray Gun, called the Ray Gun Mark II.

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