New Prestige ranks, and Emblems returns

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New Prestige ranks, and Emblems returns

Activision is getting ready to launch Advanced Warfare in a few weeks. Over the past week, Sledgehammer Games has been teasing Call of Duty fans with pictures of prestige ranks, and emblems.

Michael Condrey teased his followers that he’d reached 7th prestige with a possible 50 ranks, and 15 prestiges. The image clearly shows that the developers are being creative with prestige images this time around.

Here’s the first look at new weapon upgrades, a new map, and new prestige icons. Greenband is a map that we’ve yet to see before. Possibly included in the recent Co-Op trailer.

Michael then revealed that Emblems and Emblem editor both return in Advanced Warfare. Looks like there will be a robust editor this time around. Look at the detail on the emblem! It’s a card, yet it looks like several layers and designs.

Another picture of the emblems on operator’s back. A user asked if Sledgehammer Games will stop abusive folks using emblems as a means to offend others, Condrey responded saying that there will be an aggressive ban policy on toxic emblems…

Seriously, don’t do it.

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