Hammer Week reveals lots of Advanced Warfare info

Hammer Week CODAW image

Hammer Week reveals lots of Advanced Warfare info

On Monday, July 21st Sledgehammer games revealed that they’d be scheduling a week-long celebration of the Studio’s 5 Year Anniversary. To start off the week, Sledgehammer Games co-founders wrote a letter to the fans about their monumental milestone, and at the same time, coined the week as “Hammer Week,” with a surprise to boot. So, what happened over the week? Let’s over the week, shall we?

On Tuesday (July 22nd), Sledgehammergames held a Challenge Coin and Patch sweepstakes on their Twitter account. See for yourself:

Sledgehammer Coins

Sledgehammer Games’ 5 year anniversary coin.

Sledgehammer Patch

Sledgehammer Games’ 5 year anniversary patch.

On the same day, Vice in partnership with Activision released a video talking about how Private Military Companies (PMC’s) are changing the face of war…

If that wasn’t enough, MLG revealed on their Call of Duty channel, that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer will be fully playable at GamesCom 2014 in London…

This means a reveal of Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer is likely to be set for the days before GamesCom even opens. That’s speculation at this point, though.

There’s more: A famous, well known musician by the stage name “Afrojack” went to Sledgehammer Games’ headquarters in Foster City, California and talked with developers. He offered a few kind words about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare after playing the game.

On Wednesday (July 23rd), Sledgehammer Games revealed their Advanced Warfare Exclusive Digital Content…

Hammer Week CODAW image

New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare image during Hammer Week

On Thursday (which is today), the Surprise turned out to be a Sweepstakes for Call of Duty fans to enter and win a chance to be in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare…

CODAW Sweepstakes

Sledgehammer Games reveals Advanced Warfare sweepstakes

To enter the sweepstakes, you’re going to need to enter your Full Name, Home Address, Gamertag, Date of Birth, and e-mail address to join the contest here.

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