Advanced Warfare’s first DLC “Havoc” arrives January 27th

CODAW Exo Zombies

Advanced Warfare’s first DLC “Havoc” arrives January 27th

It has been about 2 months since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hit store shelves, and Sledgehammer Games isn’t tired from the launch. In fact, they’re just getting started. On October 28th, they revealed the Season Pass for Advanced Warfare. We didn’t know much about the first DLC, titled “Havoc” until now. The “Havoc” DLC pack will arrive on Xbox Live first on January 27th.

AW 1st DLC

Advanced Warfare’s first DLC, “Havoc” arrives January 27th on Xbox Live

As you can see from the image (above), Havoc features…

4 maps: Core, Urban, Drift, and Sideshow.

Havoc also features an extra weapon, called AE4 WidowMaker a Directed Energy Assault Rifle. However, this weapon has been available to Xbox Live subscribers who hold a CODAW Season Pass. It has been available since December 11th. To see how it looks…

Base AE4 WidowMaker rifle

Base AE4 WidowMaker Rifle

AE4 WidowMaker With Skin

AE4 WidowMaker with a skin

To see a video of the weapon in action…

The biggest highlight of Havoc is none other than Advanced Warfare’s new Exo Zombies mode. Ever since before Advanced Warfare came out, there has been a lot of speculation on a few things: A 4th Game Mode. Many said this would be a Zombies mode. The rampant speculation, and rumors are true: There is a 4th mode, and there is a zombies mode. But they’re not readily available from the get-go…

As it stands, there are three modes: Campaign (Story mode), Multiplayer mode, and the Exo Survival mode. And as it stands, the only way to play zombies in Advanced Warfare is by an in-game easter egg. You have to finish the whole Exo Survival mode, that means clearing out all of the tiers. Once you’ve done that, you will be treated to being able to clear out Exo Zombies for a while, and then this story teaser…

Still frustrated, and anxious? Hold your horses, it’s possible that with the Season Pass, and the release of “Havoc” you will be able to play Exo Zombies from the get-go. For now, just sit tight, and wait for January 27th, 2015. Until then, Activision and Sledgehammer games posted a teaser trailer for Exo Zombies with a video. The Exo Zombies mode will feature John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan, and Jon Bernthal. The story is unclear at this point, but Atlas made a grave mistake

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    • CarlosX360 says:

      Havoc arrives to Xbox Live members on January 27th, so PlayStation Network owners get it February 27th. It’s part of the yearly contract between Microsoft and Activision.

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