Advanced Warfare is about skill, says Sledgehammer Games

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Advanced Warfare is about skill, says Sledgehammer Games

A lot of people complain that Call of Duty hasn’t been about skill for quite some time now. Infinity Ward has gotten a lot of backlash for both Modern Warfare 2, and 3 general gameplay balancing, weapon imbalance, glitches, and so on. Sledgehammer Games from the beginning, has always wanted Advanced Warfare to be about skill. In an interview with GamesTM, the lead multiplayer designer working on Advanced Warfare said “Advanced Warfare is always about going back to the main goal which we had from the beginning, which was gun-skill.” And this is reflected throughout the entire game…

Everything has to enhance that. Everything with the Exo-movement has to enhance that. Everything within the modes has to enhance that. Everything within the maps has to enhance that. Having that goal to always point back to has been a huge guiding factor within everything we do in the game.

If you don’t believe him or the team at Sledgehammer Games, Activision gave the okay to GameStop, and IGN on releasing some videos to show just how important skill really is. The first video is about grenade techniques, these grenade techniques are meant to help you trap, or slow down your opponents, or kill your opponents with “on impact” hits. Some of these grenades either help you destroy objects, or flank locations.

Supply Drops are ‘care packages’ that give you loot, like a loot crate does. You can use these items to help you gain an advantage over your opponents. Take a look at the possible items that can be looted…

And finally, IGN released a new video showing off just how customizable your Advanced Warfare operator is. These customizations, are obviously unlockable through ranking up, completing challenges, and achievements during your match in Advanced Warfare…

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