Advanced Warfare has story elements never done on films

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Advanced Warfare has story elements never done on films

At E3 2014, a little bit of the story campaign was revealed. Sledgehammer Games isn’t tired from the influx of E3 meetings, presentations, and other behind closed doors happenings. They followed up, hot on the heels of E32014 with a new video that talks about Advanced Warfare’s story campaign. We know that the game’s story took 2 years to write the actual story. The game’s overall production and development is over 3 years.

Takeaways from the new video released:

– Several types of consultations were used on Advanced Warfare – Delta Force Operators, Navy Seals, and Military Advisors. For realism, and authenticity of the story in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.
– Sledgehammer Games talked with different futurists to get insights about how it’ll be like in 40 years. These futurists consulted on production design, technology, weapons, and armor to name a few.
– Sledgehammer Games wants to deliver compelling characters, with a compelling story.
– There are new storytelling techniques that would be able to get compelling elements front and center.
– Advanced technology were used to capture actors’ true facial expressions and features so that the characters would reflect and replicate the actors.
– Advanced Warfare will feature situations and moments that hasn’t been seen in a movie, or even, let alone a video game.

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