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Modern Warfare 4 may be real after all

It has been 9 months since the first leaks of MW4. The steam picked up in March with a teaser trailer of MW4. Then more hints come our way. Originally posted on Playst4tion, a new employee of Sledgehammer Games posted […]


Modern Warfare 4 may still be in development

Call of Duty: Ghosts has been confirmed in a teaser trailer. [CODNet article] At the Xbox Reveal in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft revealed Xbox One. By the end of that one hour presentation, Activision revealed first Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay. […]


MW4 is Call of Duty Ghosts?

We were told to wait for first concrete information about the next title in the Call of Duty series. [MW4Blog article] However, there seems to be more leaks. Target, a well-known retailer listed Call of Duty Ghosts on their ad. […]


First Modern Warfare 4 details ‘coming soon’

Activision has already confirmed that a new Call of Duty title is in the works. [MW4Blog article] Activision’s Community Manager Dan Amrich (A.K.A. One Of Swords) offered up information regarding the next entry in the Modern Warfare series. Mr. Amrich […]


Is this the Modern Warfare 4 Teaser?

GDC (Game Developers Conference) is on-going as I type, and there seems to be a lot of speculation, and buzz towards Battlefield 4. It’s possible that Activision is waiting for the right time to reveal the next entry in the […]


The steam continues to pick up for MW4.

A few days ago, a twitter poster got ahold of an image for this “unexpectedreveal” campaign. Then a few websites got ahold of it. But there were no concrete evidence to support it. Now, UnexpectedReveal counted down to zero, which […]


Modern Warfare 4 is coming

We’ve come a long way since Modern Warfare 3 was released. It’s been 2 and a half years since we’ve heard the first whispers of Modern Warfare 3 hitting the shelves. Black Ops 2 was released in November, roughly 5 […]


Modern Warfare 4 will be the beginning of a new trilogy

Modern Warfare 3 was released onto store shelves with record-breaking numbers. Some people already have gone through the single player story campaign, and have already beaten the game. Gamers are already asking: “What’s next for Call of Duty?” Oh, you […]