Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal begins August 14th.

The Confirmed Multiplayer details are….

May 1st, 2013
– Allegedly to be set in the future.
– Will use present-day weaponry.
– Spec Ops mode will be replaced with something else.
New player options…
– Players can slide forward.
– Players can take a peak around the corners.
New loading screens…
– Will be dynamic.
– Will allow you to rappel from helicopters.
– Will allow you to breach and clear.
Sounds like a next gen game to me.
Other websites are saying:
– You can slide forward with your knees.
– When in prone position, you can roll to the side.
Since Call of Duty Ghosts has been confirmed, these are new information:
– Single player will have some destuctible environments.
– Maps in Call of Duty Ghosts will be more interactive.
– Call of Duty Ghosts will feature traps.

August 14th, 2013
– 100 Million players across Call of Duty series.
– New Multiplayer HUD.
– New Scoring System.
– Killfeed is now on the upper right corner.
– PoinStreaks returns.
– KillStreaks is referenced throughout.
– Customize your player.
– “Create-A-Soldier”
– “Build-A-Squad”
– Customize Appearance.
– Girls are in!
– Hardscoping is realistically interactive again [Like Call of Duty 4]
– You can jump over obstacles. It looks interactive this time.
– It’s called Mantling.
– “Call of Duty Anywhere” includes Call of Duty Elite.
– 60fps (Frames Per Seconds)
– Leaning onto walls, and peaking your gun out (stealth) are in.
– Knifing is overhauled, you lounge, and it precisely attacks.
– New Weapons
– Marksman Rifle
– Dual Render Scope
– Squad Points are in.
– Squad Points are separate from PointStreaks.
– Perks are it’s own menu.
– Support, Specialist, and Assault Strike classes for Poinstreaks are retained.
– Squads is a new MP mode.
– Your loadouts can affect how you do in Squads.
– Cranked is a new MP mode.
– Search and Rescue is a new MP mode.
– Strike Zone is a new MP mode.
– Challenges are updated on the lower-left corner.
– Dynamic Maps are in Ghosts, but also in MP.
– Dynamic Maps will alter your strategies whether you directly affect it with your weapon, or your killstreak.
– Following Treyarch’s footsteps, Audio has been improved over the previous Call of Duty titles.
– Dynamic Sounds, one action will be heard from another player. And vice versa.
– Call of Duty Championship has been revealed to be sponsored by MLG (Major League Gaming) for 2014.
– eSports is focused into Call of Duty Ghosts. They even brought in competitive players to demonstrate that they care about the new growth of eSports.
– Mini results HUD is displayed on upper right corner during eSports mode.
– New win/loss screen.
– Your Call of Duty Elite account is your “Call of Duty Account” so if you’ve already registered a CODElite account, you have a COD Account.
– If you have a Xbox 360 (Xbox Live) account, you are automatically eligible for the Xbox One transfer.
– “Rally Up” communicate with your clan to meet up and play in Call of Duty Ghosts.
– Cross-Generation [Xbox 360 & Xbox One] battles and clans.
– Every MP match counts towards your clan points.
– Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass is in. 4 DLC Map Packs.
– A bonus “Team Leader” Digital Pack.
– CODGhosts Hardened Edition revealed
– CODGhosts Prestige Edition revealed (For more info, Read)
– Call of Duty Ghosts World Tour Revealed
– Every person who attended the CODGhosts MP Reveal is getting CODGhosts Prestige Edition
– Every person who attended the CODGhosts World Tour is getting CODGhosts Prestige Edition

7 New Game Modes in total
– Search & Rescue
– Cranked
– Squads
– Safeguard
– Squad Assault
– Wargame

20 New KillStreaks