Welcome to MW3Blog!


Welcome to MW3Blog!


Welcome to MW3Blog! Our intention is to bring you up-to-date information about anything related to Modern Warfare 3! MW3Blog was founded to become the #1 source of Modern Warfare 3 news. On March 17th, 2011, CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. launched MW3Blog with the intention of giving readers all the hottest and the latest news surrounding Modern Warfare 3.


Today is a big day for entrepreneur extraordinaire Carlos Morales! I embarked on a entrepreneurial journey 3 years ago, but today, I continue that journey by making one of the biggest and one of the riskiest acquisition [that I’ve made] to date. I bought MW3Blog from a friend, and fellow entrepreneur. I am actually the third person to own MW3Blog, and I intend to take the venture to places it has never has been before.

What works out is that I’m very experienced in what I do. I am not just an entrepreneur. I am a writer, so this works out well for a site like MW3Blog because one of my values is content is king, and quality is majesty.


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Do you want to become part of the revolution? Contact the owner directly at carlos at mw3blog dot com

Modern Warfare is a registered trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc. MW3Blog has no affiliations with Activision, nor Infinity Ward, nor Sledgehammer or Raven Software.

About Carlos Morales

Founder of CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. Owner of CODNetwork. Carlos loves video games with a boiling passion. A fan of Call of Duty since 2007.

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