E32011: MW3 begins in New York.


E32011: MW3 begins in New York.

E3 has begun. Microsoft kicked off E3 with Robert Bowling taking the stage. Modern Warfare 3 begins as you plow through a broken bunker of sorts, underseas. All this beautiful water, mesmerizing! You’ll notice that Sledgehammer Games has added some of their talents to the scenery. You’re on top of a mobile submarine. You will converge onto cracks of rubbles befalling on you. Eventually, you’ll meet up with your buddies and …a huge submarine that’s about to be bombed by you. You wait, and then you look back, this same submarine starts to explode, and you climb to surface. You’re now in the midst of a War in New York. You will come back to this in a second. For now, you’re going inside the submarine that you’ve just exploded a moment ago. You drop into the hole, and you’re raring to go. Robert Bowling starts to shoot enemies on-sight. You’ll come across an AK47 on the ground, a P90 being dropped, and G18 being dropped, too. At some point you’ll come to a door in which you breach and clear a room, a MW2 mechanic. You’ll now hijack the submarine from going a specific direction, AND launch missilies to help your comrades in war. You’ll now escape the submarine. You will now be on the harbor.

You’re now outside of the submarine, you’ll see New York again: Lots and lots of firefights taking place, lots of ships all over the place, buildings are in shambles. You’ll now be on a military raft specifically designed for these epic wars. You’ll even converge into the middle of a bunch of airstrikes dropping, air battles taking place, and in the midst of all of this action, you will find that you plow through two battleships. You will eventually battle a mobile ship. Your next destination is to follow your buddy, you will now enter a docking bay of sorts. Hm. Not sure, I could also see it being a freeway, but since its far away from the skyscrapers, I fail to see it being a freeway, so I’ll stick with docking bay. You will now converge into a gunship/heli. You will now see New York in full scale. The presentation ends here.

I’ll find a video to show you exactly what I saw this morning! Stay tuned!

Here is what I can find so far:

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