2nd MW3 DLC heads to Xbox Live first


2nd MW3 DLC heads to Xbox Live first

Activision released Modern Warfare 3 and went on to break records at retail. By the weeks’ end, Modern Warfare 3 made 775 million dollars. There are millions of gamers online every day on Modern Warfare 3, and Activision planned months and years ahead of MW3 launch to make sure that Modern Warfare fans stay on the Call of Duty brand. Well, last month Activision released the first Content Drop for Xbox Live members it was called Liberation. This month, Activision unveiled Overwatch, a new map arriving to Xbox Live first.

Here’s a sneak peak of Overwatch in action:

The Second Content Drop heads to Xbox Live next week on February 21st. PC and PS3 owners are going to have to wait for this content drop until next month. Not everything about this drop is all bad news! PC and PS3 owners get the first Content Drop on February 28th. Get ready!

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5 responses to “2nd MW3 DLC heads to Xbox Live first”

  1. kahalstead says:

    i am not playing mw3 (prestige 2) or black ops (prestige 15 level 50) anymore because the lag compensation has renedered it unplayable as far as i am concerned.

    i will not purchase any infinity ward or treyarch products again.

  2. Rannick says:

    Hmm interesting

  3. AGATG says:

    ^^ lol

  4. […] drop called “Liberation,” and “Piazza.” Then in February, they dropped the second downloadable content. Recently, Activision released teasers for the third content drop called […]

  5. I think that its great all of this content is on xbox first!

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