Infinite Warfare at Comic Con recap

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Infinite Warfare at Comic Con recap

On July 23, 2013 – Infinity Ward was at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC for short), to promote to comic book fans as part of Activision’s marketing plan to attract comic fans to Call of Duty. With Infinite Warfare going to space and taking on that sort-of fantasy feel mixed with some plausible future where the first trillionaire will be the first person to obtain one of our solar system’s rock. To kick off Activision’s SDCC festivities, they released a new trailer to show off new Infinite Warfare gameplay…

Infinity Ward followed up that trailer with a deeper look at Retribution, your main ship in Call of Duty…

During Comic Con 2016, Infinity Ward joined a Comic Con 2016 panel moderated by Greg Miller. This particular panel hosted Taylor Kurosaki, Jeff Negus, and Brian Bloom. Taylor is the narrative director and co-writer in the game, Jeff is the director of photography, and Brian is both the co-writer & the actor behind Capt. Nick Reyes.

All three talked about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s story, narrative direction, and what’s going on in the game…

After Comic Con 2016 wrapped up, Activision released the full cinematic trailer that debuted at the SDCC panel…

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hits stores worldwide on November 4th, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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