Call of Duty: Ghosts rumored


Call of Duty: Ghosts rumored

A month ago, in a earnings call, Eric Hirschberg said Activision is shipping a new Call of Duty title this year, as expected. [Source] But the question remains: What is the name of the Call of Duty title? Is it a new Modern Warfare title or an entirely new sub-franchise?

There has been a lot of rumblings in recent months leading up to this month about what is the name of the next Call of Duty. I broke down the long list of reasons why I believe the next title in the Call of Duty franchise is Modern Warfare 4, in this article I wrote. Activision denies to several sites that the next title would be MW4. Shortly thereafter, a photo surfaced. This photo shows a poster, the quote “the most unexpected reveal ever” It shows the developers working on it, which goes in line with what has been said by an insider, and Sledgehammer showed a lot of interest in doing MW4. So, on March 21st, the countdown clicked down to zero and they showed a trailer. A movie trailer made by a fan. I still hold faith that the next title is MW4 based on the months of teasing, rumors, hints, and clues.

However, there’s conflicting reports that the next title may be Call of Duty: Ghost. This would come from a YouTuber who is a IGN Network Director. Much like Machinima’s network of YouTubers. It’s been showcased on IGN’s website, then reported worldwide. [Source]

So, what we know so far:
– Title is Call of Duty: Ghosts
– Allegedly to be set in the future.
– Will use present-day weaponry.
– Spec Ops mode will be replaced with something else.

New player options…
– Players can slide forward.
– Players can take a peak around the corners.

New loading screens…
– Will be dynamic.
– Will allow you to rappel from helicopters.
– Will allow you to breach and clear.
Sounds like a next gen game to me.

The game is set to be revealed in May 2013.

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