Call of Duty Ghosts confirmed?


Call of Duty Ghosts confirmed?

After a huge Call of Duty Ghosts leak, there seems to be more and more confirmations about Call of Duty Ghosts. GameStop got ahold of instructions about putting up signage for a huge reveal on May 1st. [Source] Now, ahead of the reveal on May 1st, GameStop put up signs for… Call of Duty Ghosts. [Source]

There are two posters surrounding Call of Duty Ghosts:

CoD Ghosts Poster

Call of Duty Ghosts will go on sale on November 5th, 2013

As you can see, the game will be developed by Infinity Ward, and will be released on November 5th, 2013. Next up is a marketing poster to go along with the above poster…

Ghosts are real.

The face of a Ghost.

GameStop, Inc. says the game will go on pre-order on May 1st, and there will be a reveal on May 1st. Shortly after this huge leak by GameStop, the Call of Duty Instagram was updated to include the a high-res version of the above image, here. A twitter user has found a Call of Duty Ghosts shirt, lanyards, and posted it to twitter users. IGN posted another image to show what pre-order bonus there is, and shows the character a little better.

No platform has been revealed thus far, but we’ll know more soon.

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