Police Warfare is KickStarted


Police Warfare is KickStarted

A fan made a video intending to pitch to Activision about his idea for a new Call of Duty game has created Elastic Games, a group of developers from companies such as UbiSoft, Epic Games, Crytek, and Electronic Arts. Elastic Games’ talent pool has a track record of developing hard-hitting games – Far Cry 3, Medal Of Honor: Airborne, Golden Eye, Killzone 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, Crysis 1/2, Gears Of War, and Grand Theft Auto 4. Anyhow, here’s the original pitch video…

Don’t get excited though, this was just a pitch video, it does not mean that the game is going to see the light of day in retail. Even though that it shows “Call of Duty: Police Warfare,” it does not mean the game is officially backed by Activision. It’s just a concept they’ve thrown at Activision.

Elastic Games started a KickStarter project asking fans or would-be investors to pledge support for the project. James Wearing, the lead developer on the Police Warfare project says that the team has been hard at work for 6 months in pre-production of the game. His new pitch is below…

Elastic Games has made a budget of $325,000 goal for Police Warfare. The deadline is May 18, a few weeks before E3 opens it’s doors.

I have made a poll over at CODForums to see how receptive this game is.

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  1. Anne says:

    I’m happy to read your blog

  2. savvysymbiont says:

    Now playing call of duty black ops!!!

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