Modern Warfare 4 will be the beginning of a new trilogy


Modern Warfare 4 will be the beginning of a new trilogy

Modern Warfare 3 was released onto store shelves with record-breaking numbers. Some people already have gone through the single player story campaign, and have already beaten the game. Gamers are already asking: “What’s next for Call of Duty?” Oh, you mean, Modern Warfare.

Before you continue reading, make sure you played Modern Warfare 3’s story campaign. What I am about to discuss is the nature of the story. Spoilers ahead, you have been warned.

I’ll start from the beginning where cliffhangers begun. In Modern Warfare 2, there were few plot holes in the story: What did Makarov mean by “This isn’t just a message?” And where was Makarov when you [Joseph Allen] were shot by him. This cliffhanger hung over the remainder of the game. No closure, no ending, nothing. You killed Shepherd at the end, to be sure, but there were still questions.

It was answered in Modern Warfare 3 throughout the entire game. One in particular is towards the end of the game. You play as Yuri almost the entire game. Yuri was recruited to Task Force 141 based on trust by Soap. Yuri was helping Soap in the overwatch spot in a church, trying to help Price infiltrate the Hotel Lustig trying to get close to Kamarov. At that moment Makarov makes his appearance known. Makarov starts to call out Yuri, and both Yuri, Soap makes their escape.

It was only minutes later, Price gets enraged, and punches Yuri down the stairs. Price then starts asking “How does Makarov know you?” Yuri then starts having flashbacks starting from the attempted sniping of Imran Zakhaev, then the nuclear bomb that killed 30,000 Marines, however, he tried to stop the massacre at the Zakhaev International Airport in Moscow after being shot by Makarov. This plot twist makes everything seem like it makes sense.

Why? Because people complained about Modern Warfare 3’s graphics being “cut and paste” from Modern Warfare 2, and likewise a “new coat of paint.” But in reality, the developers was trying to keep the consistency intact. Notice that in the flashbacks, the graphics were all intact? We now have a new perspective in the COD4, and MW2 stories than we would have thought.

I don’t think MW3 was designed to be yet, another Modern Warfare game. A marketing gimmick, if you will. World War 3 was a major theme in MW3, and likewise a smart marketing move by Activision. I think Activision was trying to finish off the Modern Warfare story, to make way for a new trilogy in the Modern Warfare series. By doing this, Activision really have opened a door to a new trilogy, and by large: A new engine. There is no cliffhangers, everything is Case Closed.

The next Modern Warfare game is going to be a completely new game, a completely new story, a completely new engine. Everything wiped clean.

I have a feeling that the next Modern Warfare game is going to be on a new console, since we’re only a few years away from the next Xbox, or the next PlayStation console.

I wrote this article in light of people talking about possibilities of the next Call of Duty. Only after a week, people are already discussing the possibility of Modern Warfare 4? One story on our forums is calling COD4 “MW4.” See for yourself. People are questioning the future of Modern Warfare because there’s no indication of a sequel.

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93 responses to “Modern Warfare 4 will be the beginning of a new trilogy”

  1. Tobe says:

    Keeping the same engine so the flashbacks would be intact? Sorry, that just doesn't wash. I know what happened in the first two games, and seeing it again with better graphics wouldn't have affected the game in a negative way. It's been done plenty of times in other game series. The Call of Duty franchise pulls in hundreds of millions of dollars of profit, some of which could have gone towards a new engine – but they didn't want to spend that money. The reason the graphics weren't updated is greed, pure and simple.

  2. darcy says:

    well soap is dead makorov is dead and yuri are you going to play as captain price still i dont think there will be a mw4 awsome game though

    • sequelsensation says:

      Ghost could be brought back, in one episode he was recorded saying "why do I have to wear this fire-proof suit?" And the blood was on his shoulder. Perhaps having a backstory like the black ops 2 villain?

    • jayce says:

      ya all the good players are dead and captain price is to old

  3. Felix says:

    I reckon there will be a new cod9 cause they wouldn't stop it now after all POUNDS ( I'm British so I'm calling it that) they pulled in after mw3
    Captain price is epic so is SAS, Gaz (mw1),
    taskforce 141 but not Frost, sandman, Gator and delta force

  4. Zoe says:

    there are still a few suvivors. price, nikolai, sgt. foley, cpl. dunn, frost, ramirez, sgt macey. but, i dont see where the story will possibly go? prices war ended with makarov's death. he killed makarov. surely that's game over? heard of the saying what starts with a cigar, ends with a cigar? but personally i think more will be released until price dies…which might be in the 4th game – if there is one. new enemy, new characters.

    • hector says:

      ghost is alive he got shot in the shoulder two friends of him saw he got shot and he said why do we have to wear the vest roach died because he forgot to wear his vest that`s why he died MW4 is about ghost how he survied.p.s. ghost is wallcraft ghost his in MW3 his cloths is differant wallcraft has headphones and wears a mask to ghost wears a mask and headphones go to youtube put is ghost in MW3 and is ghost wallcraft.

    • hill billy says:

      true that… and its up to them on how they will going to evolve this billion dollar game into the next level… hope they already made the storyline of it..or i hope that the making is in progress…

    • tyler says:

      I'm pretty sure frost died with sandman when he sacrificed himself for price

    • jayce says:

      but its sounds like its going to be like black ops 2 and i didnt the characters in bo2 but i kinda liked but the campiagn was good just kinda confusing with the people that have never played the first black ops.the best players in moderne warfare are dead so the others are okay but the best are dead

    • Alex says:

      I read ur reply and I noticed that price lighted a cigar at the star of cod 4(mw1) in the heilicopter and at the end of mw3 he did the same as u said "what starts with a cigar,ends with a cigar" thanks men i never thought about that

  5. matthew says:

    Be a new one because captain price isn't dead and yuri might take place in soaps spot hey it might even be about ghost before he died how he knew price because if u look up ghost there a link about him. Maybe it'll be about a retired navy seal comes back to kill his old enemy they tried to kill back in Russia

  6. Harry says:

    Robert bowling said in an interview before the game came out that ghost isn't exactly dead but you will see what I mean soon, we didn't see that in modern warfare 3 so who knows that ghost may not return as an enemy to captain price!

    • Chris says:

      I agree. Also in MW2 ghost said "Why do we have to where these flame proof vests?". Plus it would bring in tons more cash if ghost came back…

    • jayce says:

      ya if you go back and play that mission in mw2 where they light you on fire they just put gasoline on you and not ghost so maybe they already thought ghost is dead

  7. Will Webb says:

    There will be no Captain Price in the next Infinity Ward Call of Duty. They made it pretty clear in a forum that the modern warfare series has ended. Infinity Ward has been encouraged by Activision to wipe clean all of their game memory. It is sad to say but Ghost, Price, Nikolai and all of those other characters will never appear again.

  8. nick says:

    I think there will be an mw4 because there is already a mw4 wallpaper if you type in mw4 on google images. I heard that ghost in mw2 was still alive so he might be in there. I also saw that on the wallpaper there is a new soldier that you play as.

  9. nick says:

    They are creating a black ops 2 so they might create a mw4

  10. dilbry says:

    yes i think this story is right because wat if ghost was actually captured and now a agent of makarov there are many different ways there could be a mw4

  11. cop191 says:

    People, there is one guy who no one remebers… FROST. No one knows why he didn't go to the mine to rescue the Russian President in MW3. Perhaps HE will take Yuri's place. And it looks like Ghost didn't die. And one more thing: why did MacMillan appear as Baseplate?

    • jayce says:

      ya ghost couldnt of died on your screen it looks like they only dumped the gasoline on you and not i think they captured ghost as hostage and captain price thought he was dead and in mw4 they will find out hes being held hostage and ghost will return or ghost might be the new villian and take makrovs spot.

  12. matt says:

    i think that there wil be a mw4 and ghost might be in it there will have to be a new enemy thogh … it could be makarov's son ( if he has a son)

  13. Matt says:

    They're hinting on campaign dlc for mw3. And also I'm thinking either that the dlc will be the 5 year gap of the series(2011-2016), or that mw4 will be. The 5 year gap of the story

  14. timmy says:

    I beg to differ sir. What happened to Sgt. Foley and all of them in mw2. What happened to ghost? That's unfinished stuff that could be in mw4. What about captain price? See I think the story should go on in mw4

  15. timmy says:

    Yeah okay, main fugitive died but there is still more stuff that could be in mw4. What happened to ghost, Sgt. Foley, and Sandman? What happened to price? That is what should be in the new mw. Not some new story. What is going on in the CoD creators head and every body else who thinks the new mw should start a new story

  16. Rico says:

    Seems rather promising that a new MW will be coming out and ending the franchise with that. And or maybe a new game just for multiplayer, and the following years there might be a new story line. The way MW3 was designed, it was meant for gamers to stay wrapped up in that becuase of all the Prestige levels they put in. They might be trying to buy more time so that they can come up with a new story line. Future COD games. Who knows, we will have to wait and see.

  17. RANDOM says:

    I think that since ghost didnt exactly die he will come back in MW4 and create a malishia or something and hunt down all his ex teamates for leaving him to (die)

  18. Asdfghjkl says:

    In the mw3 campaign the russian president sais we destroy our enemies when we mke freinds with them and in the end they sign a peace treaty

  19. Clint says:

    this seems pretty cool and all that, but the thing that makes me so mad is that they said they were going to put mw4 on a new console.. lol does it look like i have money, why don't they just put it on xbox 360. cause im going to go waste like 300-500 for a whole new xbox.

  20. Callum says:

    I think they would get rid of captain price (awww he was my favorite character) and i think they could bring in the SAS again (because in my opinion i thought they were sick missions in cod4) and the characters would be Burns (the character you were in mind the gap mission in mw3), Walcroft and another SAS member. And they could bring in the U.S army rangers again and the characters would be Foley,Dunn and Ramierez and that would a sick game to play

  21. Mr danger says:

    I think there will no mw4 becuse you only have one character captain price Yuri,soap,sandman,grinch,gohst
    Kamarov,roach etc but still can have a new character like what they did in mw3 when ghost died Yuri replaced him and a new villan maybe makarov has a son as u know makarov his old so he have to have a crazy villan that is his son

  22. ModernWarfareFan says:

    maybe Ghost is the main char in modern warfare 4 and a new main enemy like: its 10 years after makarov and all the chit ended there is a new Task force with Ghost as leader , Frost as playable char ( like soap) and some other guys and it begins that ghost gets a email ore something that price is death but he doesn't believe it and starts searching meanwhile the rangers are in afghanistan again (like mw 2 mission) doing missions against terrorist. Isn't that possible it will hapen? (btw price is a badass he won't die)

  23. Chase says:

    They have alredy killed all of the cool characters (SOAP ='( ) only one left is price, frost, sgt folly, cpl. dunn, and nikolia. without soap this whole story is going to be %$#@ed up because soap was the coolest. there will be a MW4 though.

    I HATE THAT SOAP IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • paris says:

      i hate that ghost is dead

      • jayce says:

        i know i hate it too they should make a character just like soap and ghost put together and they"ll have 1 of the best characters ever.

    • jayce says:

      But whats gonna be good about mw4 if the good characters are dead are they gonnna start fresh like black ops 2 with new characters.that was okay for me but i mostley didnt like that so what are else are they gonna do in mw4 if the good players are dead if it starts to suck in mw4 then im done with moderne warfares and moving on to black ops even though moderne warfare is better

    • jayce says:

      im thinking ghost will come back and be the villian or they will find ghost as captain price and his team are getting the russians for payback whatever they did this time or it could be like that russians captured ghost held him hostage and he takes makrovs place but they would be kinda cool

  24. Mw Freak!! says:

    Ghost will come back and be a villan because he was shot in the shoulder/chest and he had a guard on so,, and Sandman Ramierez Sgt Foley Cpl Dunn….. And price will lead Them all

    • Idk says:

      Didn't ghost get shot in the face and the Shepard burned up there bodies so i don't think he would be coming back. I bet they will just start completely fresh with all new characters before they bring back oldies maybe try would just have small parts.

  25. HI!! says:

    hi guys dont forget ghost was burned after he got shot!

  26. mw lover says:

    No way ghost is going to be a villain character he played in mw2 like an important character. Anyway there is still an important character that is nikolai so they will cary on with cod mw4 not like captain price aged 70 years old

  27. kieran says:

    Sorry but there are a few clifhangers in mw3, Like what happens to Cpt.Price? Does the Russian president grant him immunity for saving his and his daughters life? and what happens to Frost? Cause he's not in the mission where Grinch Truck and Sandman stay behind, sorry but they have to continue the series

  28. Laxbro626 says:

    Makarov is dead but I think that there is still going to be mw4.

  29. LANE says:

    there will be a mw4 because price is still alive and frost is still alive so they might join forces and kick ass.

  30. Rossman says:

    In mw4 the enemy would be Kamarov because in that mission that Yuri and Soap were gving a sniper overwatch kamarov betrayed Price

  31. Ryanstar says:

    Guys remember price,soap and the tf141 is being hunted so ghost isnt going to be greeted well and remember frost is still alive. Also cpl dunn said in mw2 that hes goin to burn down moscow when he gets there also pres vorchesky destroys the enemy when he makes friends with them

  32. Ryanstar says:

    Also remember in the estate mission the 2 snipers (archer and toad) didn't escape with u and they didn't die so they could of gone to the lz and seen roach and ghost dead. They try to heal them and take them to somewhere safe because there still been wanted. Then maybe price has been captured and just before he gets executed the 4 soldiers (above) rescues him. (Plot??)

  33. jack says:

    You guys are forgetting. Remember the last US mission on mw2? Sgt. Foley said they are going to Russia or something, I still havent seen this mission yet. Maybe thats where they could pick up if they were going to do an mw4? And also whats to say Sandman tand his team mates died in the cave, one of them could've possibly escaped? There are many reasons for a mw4 just some of them aren't in mw3

    • jayce says:

      Ya in the mission in mw2 where u and ghost die they only dump the gasonline on u they probaly captured ghost for hostage and kept him at russia and sgt.foley may find ghost there.

  34. Wymo says:

    I think that if they have a mw4 they will make it so that a follower of makarov wants to get revenge on price and all of the other “good guys” and it continues

  35. Cod guy says:

    Sandman, Truck & Grinch somehow survive. Price is arrested, then is brought up in charges for killing all the people at Hotel Oasis. Russian Government steps in, makes a deal w/ him because he saved the president that if he eliminates the remaining elements of Makarovs Inner Circle, they will clear him of all his charges. He is given permission to reestablish TF 141 with people he wants, Frost, Walcroft, Burns, and Nikoli.

  36. Bilal says:

    Well soap died, that was the worst part. What culd be in MW4? Ghost pretty much. or Soap actually did not die or something. Moder warfare series was all about him. And y a new console?!?! that sucks :/

  37. elliott says:

    I was so disappointed with MW3 it was nothing on mw2, if there ever is an mw4 please make it like mw2 again! I know so many people that have just sacked mw3 off and gone back to mw2. You could play the old cods for hours withoout getting bored whereas mw3 bores you after 1 game.

  38. Soap us beast 1 fan says:

    Ghost is not dead because when sheperd shot him and roach shepherds trooper poured gas on them he did not do it on ghost only on roach and ghost wants to get revenge and that's how he becomes the emmey. Although i think 50 50 on ghost is the bad guy because I kind of think that zakeva is still alive and he is the bad guy or viktor is the bad guy from mw2 and I do hate that soap is…DEAD!!!!!!

  39. GaNgStEr says:

    I think the Modern Warfare story is over but Call of duty will last till infinety ward get board of making warfare games but there will be 1000's more COD's but MW i dont know…

  40. TEX says:

    ok i get the flashbacks and stuff but if they are going to make mw4 it needs to be new because they killed makarov and killed off soap (btw the most stupid thing they could do) and whats price doing sitting around waiting to die? in conclusion MAKE IT A NEW STORY!!!!

  41. strange says:

    they should add some more countries too like , china , india , pakistan , iran and korea …… and made a future world war , against a common enemy ….

  42. Bobby Jane says:

    No way makarovs dead. I can prove it.When you kill him notice his eyes are brown!!!!! Not blue and green! he has to be in the next Mw! Main villian is still alive! He has one blue eye and one green one! When you "kill" him notice it goes in slow motion to show you who it really is….

  43. MR X says:

    have all of u forgotten that there is still sgt wallcroft and most of the sas alive i think price will join forces with them and they will put the yaer forward so there is a new enemy???

  44. Bossbro343 says:

    well could they like make makrov have a son or the rest of his army fight for him. Because they never killed them all, or they could have him before he dies he hires some assasin or murderer to take over in a new country.

  45. Robert says:

    There is mw4 in the making right now official !!!!!

  46. Harkz says:

    Call of Duty MW4 is happening.Same series.The story is that Price gets sent an anyonmus email.He meets up with the person and it turns out to be ghost.A spetnaz black ops soldier starts shooting the cafe that they are sitting in.Price gets shot,and is left at his house,where ghost thinks he’s dead.Ghost’s storyline is storyline 1.Price’s Storyline is 2.
    1- Ghost goes back to terminal first,and then goes to Dubai,Where he meets Price,and the Burj Khalifa falls down.
    2-Price finds Soap,who did not die,but just was unconscious.They went to the broadcast map,then Dubai.

    They then go to Sydney,and £5000000000000000000000000000000000000050000000000000000000000000000000000005000000000000000000000000000000000000005000000000000000000000000000000000000050000000000000000000000000000000000000 gets destroyed and a launch of missiles to America and England.He presses the button and the credits come up.At the end,they go to Nuketown and face a million spetnaz soldiers.

  47. jayce says:

    I dont know but i think there should be a mw4 because then alls well have is black ops and some other war games but i like the campaign in black ops,modernewarfares,and battlefields and if you end it now whats going to be your next game to play so i hope they make a mw4.+if they make mw4 will be wondering whos the chracatersbecause makrov is dead and captain price is old but nikolai is at like 30 years old so whos the characters and black ops 2 campaign i dont want to get new chracaters every game ill b wondering who this is and who did this and that so make a new war game or continue the campaign with mw3.

  48. jayce says:

    or else ghost could not be dead and rejoin the us army

  49. Ryan B. says:

    But it showed soap get stabed but not actually die so he might be in the next game.

  50. David says:

    the mw games have stunned me. I think that they should have the people who survived/Army through the games vs the world A.K.A survivors/Army vs the rest of the world.

  51. jimm says:

    ghost will deffo be a villain, after all he was betrayed by the task force and doesnt know that price and soap wasnt in on it so he's a villain, also their was an easter egg on mw3 where you see ghost on the russians side running away in the first mission! also where would activision go? makarovs dead? its over? (sorry about all the rhetorical questions) SO YEAH lets just wait and see and play black ops 2 🙂

    • Puddingman606 says:

      Acually shepherd was with the rangers but in touch with the task force and when they are getting thrown in the little pit you here price yelling on ghosts com that he was attacked by shepherds men and to not trust him do no ghost was not betrayed and will NOT become a villain.

  52. gamefreak559 says:

    Mw4 could have some old characters in it like (LT.Vasquez)mw ghost more than likely cause I recall him getting shot in the left part of the stomach not chest plus he said in one mission y do have to wear these Fire proof vest. Still a very highly possibility he might come back

  53. Cody says:

    I hope there is a Modern Warfare 4 and Frost, Wallcroft and Burns could join Price in Task Force 141 but it is true that there isn't really anyone who could be the villain they could bring back Volk who was Makarov's bomb maker maybe not as the main villain but as a secondary villain they could make it that he escaped the place he was taken to hope infinity ward makes a MW4

  54. Marcus Burns says:

    I think they should take Frost, Burns, Wallcroft, Nikolai, Price, Ramirez, Dunn, and Foley and form a spec ops unit that does counter-terriosm,hostage rescue,sabotage,and assanations. They should battle a international terriost with contacts in China,Russia,North Korea,Iraq,Afghanistan,Iran,and Somalia and they go on international manhunt for him. I think it should take place in 2018 and that Price will die in this game. He has mercanaries and pays people like the Somali pirates to do his dirty work. He should be of middle eastern descent. He could be Al Asad's son named Osama Al Jaaba.

  55. Dollah says:

    What I want to know is who in the hell was ghost?……Surely at some point I think they should make mw4 of task for 141's Sandman Ghost and the rest of the team!!!!…..Ghost is still the biggest mystery in Modern Warfare history!!!!!!

  56. olivier says:

    there is going to be a mw4 bitches so listen up pussys.I waited wayyyyyyyyy to long for you bitches to say there is not going to be a mw4.come on you people ghost did not to need to die.and ghost is not going to ge a if you are going to say there is no mw4 i say dont put shit about oh there is not going to be a mw4. the people that said there is going to be a mw4 thank you cause there is going to be a 10 and there is going to be a mw4.if you are reading this name is olivier.if you know me talk to me at school.

  57. kobe says:

    I just want to know things like who your going to be and who your trying to get

  58. abdulhaddi says:

    price must be held in modern warfare 4 and i hope that story will be same

  59. Newbie Killer says:

    maybe Alexi (the assistance of makarov at "stronghold" on MW3) will be the primary target of MW 4 ,
    and maybe Nikolai , Capt. MacMilan(Call sign "Baseplate") and Capt. Price(playable character) will comeback to SAS and US & Rusia will make a new joint operation : " Kingfish II "
    And i hope US Rangers , U.S.M.C. , and Seal Team will be there at MW 4

  60. mike rivera says:


    well they can bring ghost back… i saw the “death of ghost from a different angle and it shoes that ghost was not lit on fire… they can make a whole new story with ghost as either the main character or a villain

  61. Puddingman606 says:

    I think there will be a MW4 there could be a completely new enemy with a grudge 4 makarovs death have price ghost frost and 4 a random reason have soap magically come back because he's a boss like that and you can't just leave price sitting there for the big ending right? And ghost could just come in and be like hey price I'm alive and have everyone alive from MW1,2,3 get into a big group and kick ass. And sandman,grinch,and truck could possibly have lived and have hitting captured or they could have just went unconscious……. People tell me your thoughts on this..

  62. […] Call of Duty title is possibly Modern Warfare 4. In fact, about a hundred people responded to this article where I pose theories for the next iteration of Modern Warfare. Everyone participated in their own […]

  63. Brandon says:

    Alright so you know how manendes didn't die from a bullet to the side of the head and then a frag sooooooo maby sheperd survived a knife to his left eye?????

  64. captin price says:

    my friend said there a mw4 exept its shit no sandman.nothing but crap.

  65. David The Gamer says:

    i think that soap was just incouncius and he gets « back to life « after Price kills Makarov ,after that, soap tries to find Price and finds him but soap knows that Price is retired so Soap goes to Price s house to talk with him about a very important issue , there , Soap says that Ghost is alive but he has been hostage by a secret Force and that force is lead by Makarov and Shepard s,, sons called Vladimir Makarov Jr and Dave Shepard so Soap says to Price ONE LAST TIME and there s a new Modern Warfare my opinion has a lots of bad things right

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