April 2011 reveals Modern Warfare 3?


April 2011 reveals Modern Warfare 3?

Spoiler Warning: If you have not played and finished Modern Warfare 2, stop reading. You have been warned.

Modern Warfare 2 ended with a cliffhanger story. Task Force 141 were set up by General Shepherd, in an ambush mid-way through the game. Ghost was killed in action during the same setup ambush. Roach was with Ghost at the time, and was also killed in action. After learning of the betrayal by Shepherd, Soap and Price went after Shepherd and ultimately killed Shepherd. There is questions and speculation surrounding Ghost’s past, and future. The other question is: “Where in the world is Makarov?” As far as we know, Makarov is still alive, the last time we saw him when you played as an undercover CIA agent named Joseph Allen. So, as of right now, Makarov is on the loose.

Right around the release of Modern Warfare 2, there was a lot of talk and speculation surrounding Ghost. Everyone LOVED Ghost’s character, and even clamored for his own video game. There’s a comic book that released alongside the MW2 launch. To date, there has been only 6 episodes that chronicles Ghost’s story. Rumors have run rampant since the launch of the comic series, which was strengthened by a UK PlayStation magazine. [source]

There has been other rumblings, though. Many gaming websites reported that Ghost will have his own game, as in a spin-off. One of the sources dates back to the after the release of MW2. [source] However, many gaming websites are saying that the very next Modern Warfare game will be a prequel, many of these sources are pointing MW3 as that ‘prequel.’ They are saying that Modern Warfare 3 will feature Ghost’s story, well, at least some sections of it. We don’t know at this point, it’s pretty sparse. Up in the air, even.

And so, here we are. PSM3 is reporting that the sequel to the smash-hit MW2 will be getting a reveal in April, and they’re saying Activision is going to announce Modern Warfare 3 in the middle of next month. No date was given. [source]

Last year, Activision pulled back the veils of Black Ops on April 30th, so this wouldn’t be a surprise. Either way, we’re going to hear more information in 2 months from now, at E32011, which takes place on June 7th through June 9th.

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