Call of Duty: Black Ops Weapons


Call of Duty: Black Ops Weapons

I’ve spotted (and hopefully correctly identified) the following weapons in the Black Ops trailer.
If you think i’ve got something wrong, please leave a comment and i’ll update and correct it.

Assault Rifles:







MP5 (?)



Have i missed anything? If you’ve noticed anything else in the trailer leave a comment and i’ll add it to the list!

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22 responses to “Call of Duty: Black Ops Weapons”

  1. ryan anderr says:

    na its not the m4 its the original m-16 which was designed for the vietnam war specifically

  2. tyler says:

    it shows at the end him holding dual colt .45 pistols

  3. ryan says:

    were is the m-16

  4. Dannyboy says:

    It looks like vietnam or china ? I think the space bit is about some nuclear missle but how come every new game is about missle and nuclear raydation.

  5. Small Beans says:

    Hey everyone today i got a nuke by using an AUG HBAR/w grip, its a really good gun u should use it my killstreaks were 7=Harrier 11=Chopper Gunner 25=Nuke,,,, and it was in srapyard in a domination

  6. Small Beans says:

    Hey everyone again i forgot, see the new Call of Duty: Black ops do yous all know thats about BLACK MAGIC BM’s clan if yous didn’t add me on msn……

  7. PFFpropres says:

    @ Dannyboy
    well if u dont have to same any1 or every1 from a nuke then wats the point? i guess thats how they are looking at it
    I have an idea to propose to them but it might not work….to play as a terrorist 😛 all im saying 😀

    BTW im A XBOX360 player

  8. Small Beans says:

    PFFpropres…….U r a jake and danny rymes wae fanny

  9. jonnyy says:

    that is m16a1

  10. Dannyboy says:

    Yh i want to play as a terroist

  11. charl 123 says:

    i hate nukes on cod6 but pav low is the best

  12. xXTY99Xx says:

    you’re missing the explosive crossbow and M4A1. its a MP5K not MP5. and also im an xbox player and i think and know that PS3 SUCKS!

  13. ja ma'ma says:

    dude whats a carcano?

  14. Vince says:

    Hey zZTY99Xx you dumbass th M4A1 wasnt created yet you stupid ass its a Car-15 or M16A1

  15. Ryan223 says:

    WTF ever yo ps3 doesnt suck i think its the same compared to an xbox 360

  16. joe says:

    Dude. Seriously.

    Learn to count.

    You put about 2 AK’s up there.

  17. Will says:

    joe, you are an idiot…
    theres a list of the weapons, and then screenshots below that section.

  18. ryan says:

    put m4a1 in black opps

  19. Ali says:

    @ xXty99Xx actualy he didnt mis the m4a1 bcuz its not in black ops the m4a1 was introduced to the standerd marine in 1990 sumthing ….. and this vietnam so it was around 1969 so does that explain it

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  21. henry says:

    put better maps and get rid of the dogs go dame it on nazie zomies the game sounds sick ithe BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! put m0re guns online wiked

  22. henry says:

    this is the best and im going to merck

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