Call of Duty: Black Ops premiere trailer unveiled!


Call of Duty: Black Ops premiere trailer unveiled!

Activision and Treyarch has been on a hype-train since they revealed COD7 to be Call of Duty: Black Ops. They released a tease trailer on May 1st, on Spike TV’s GameTrailers show. Since then, a lot of information has surfaced. A lot of speculation about COD: Black Ops has been giving Black Ops a lot of attention. The game looks to take place in the Cold War era. Ya know, where secrets and lies are the norm?

Activision has been going through hard times with Infinity Ward after all they’ve done for IW. However, with COD7, they’re going to squeeze every last ounce of marketing muscle for Treyarch, even though they haven’t been doing so in recent times. The full premiere trailer was broadcasted during a NBA Eastern Conference Finals commercial break or two, just like Activision did with MW2.

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